Puddings, Soup and Bread




Chocolate Lava Cake

Dark chocolate, butter, light brown sugar, flour, eggs, cocoa powder.


Lemon and raspberry sponge

Butter, caster sugar, lemon zest and juice, raspberries, eggs, plain flour and milk.


Bakewell tart

Home-made shortcrust pastry (butter, flour, water, egg, sugar), raspberry jam, ground almonds, plain flour, granulated sugar, vanilla paste, milk, flaked almonds.


Seasonal Crumble

Flour, oats, butter, demerara sugar, seasonal fruit, granulated sugar.


Chocolate bread and butter pudding

White bread, dark chocolate (more than 75% cocoa solids), butter, cream, sugar, cinnamon, egg.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Pitted dates, butter, caster sugar, eggs, self-raising flour, bicarb of soda, vanilla paste, soft brown sugar, double cream.

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Our soup menu changes so quickly now, please just ask us for ingredients of the current soup.



Strong white flour, dried yeast, water, sea salt, olive oil.



Strong white flour, dried yeast, sugar, sea salt, olive oil, rosemary.



Plain flour, dried yeast, sugar, vegetable oil, yoghurt, egg, sea salt.



Strong white flour, dried yeast, salt, sugar, butter, water and olive oil.